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Brazil has more than 30 million senior citizen today. By 2050 it will have the sixth largest senior's community in the world.

Misyu works inspired by the values of life, family moments and the importance of recording happy moments.

 We understand that it is up to us to help, in some way, people who are elderly and who would like to leave their messages for their families and loved ones.

We have decided to support recognized institutions that assist the elderly, with the aim of providing dignified aging, through actions that promote longevity as well as emotional, mental, and physical well-being of their beneficiaries 

For every 5 plans activated on our platform, we will donate 1 social plan to partner institutions. Our goal is to reach 1 million people through these partnerships by donating lifetime plans to those assisted by these institutions.

Meet our partners below. 

Instituto Velho Amigo

Instituto Velho Amigo has been working for over 20 years for active and healthy longevity, ensuring essential rights of the elderly, such as autonomy, inclusion, coexistence, health and well-being.

At the Heliópolis Coexistence Nucleus, the institute serves hundreds of elderly people and their families from the local community, helping to develop their skills and lead their own process of autonomy and social inclusion.

The Institute's activities are in line with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda proposal, emphasizing the Sustainable Development Goals focused on Health and Well-Being and the Reduction of Social Inequalities. 

Learn more about the Institute, visit: or @institutovelhoamigo on Instagram.

Eternamente SOU

EternamenteSOU is a non-profit association that started its work in 2017 in the city of São Paulo with the objective of acting on behalf of elderly LGBT people. Through the implementation of services and projects aimed at psychosocial care for this population.

Considering the prejudice, intolerance and invisibility suffered by this public, the NGO develops an integrated and multidisciplinary work with a group of volunteers in order to favor social inclusion, protagonism, providing a dignified and active old age, in addition to guaranteeing human rights and promotion of LGBT citizenship. It currently operates in three Brazilian states São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina.

Eternamente SOU has a team of multidisciplinary volunteers – Psychologists, Social Workers, Doctors and Lawyers responsible for planning projects that aim to meet the needs of LGBT50+ people.

Learn more about Eternamente SOU, go to:

https:// or @eternamente.sou on Instagram.

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