My Last Wish evolved and is now called Misyu

Since the beginning of our journey, we have always been concerned with reducing the impact that the death of a loved one has on the family.

The idea of ​​My Last Wish was born after my father's death, a quick and unexpected death that exposed the great difficulties of the next day for the whole family. 

We made our platform inspired by the fact that there are an average of 53 million deaths per year in the world, with 530 million people impacted, and also by the fact that 49% of families go through inheritance disputes, which affects everyone emotionally. Our initial goal was to support families at this time, helping our subscribers to register their WISHES through messages of guidance and affection to be delivered after their death.

During our evolution, we realized that there was something more and very important involved in this process, something that became a great inspiration for us: MISSING. MISSING accompanies us today, tomorrow and always, so we decided to include this feeling in our project as well, as we wanted to celebrate life and promote longevity in a healthy way, bringing families together in life.

In our research, we identified some points that caught our attention, such as the elderly people's desire to continue updating and learning, and their concern about aging well. We also see in young couples the need to plan for the future, setting goals and objectives. In addition, we identified the growing concern with building a family legacy, and thus we reinforced our willingness to support families in their family and succession planning. 

In parallel, we had the opportunity to present our ideas to global companies. My Last Wish was selected for open innovation and acceleration programs, which confirmed that we were dealing with a universal pain and therefore we needed a brand that could also be global. Today, our platform already operates in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and we are prepared to work in any other language.

From this history of learning and the desire to promote greater family unity, our new brand was born, Misyu, which can now be spoken in any language and whose mission is to unite people through the affective bond, facilitating communication that helps to promote a lighter life, full of mental and emotional health. At the same time, we want to support families in structuring their family and succession planning, recording the WISHES of the subscriber and guiding the actions to be taken after their death.

Misyu was born as a WebApp, focusing on the use of our platform by cell phone, which facilitates the assembly of messages in a simple way, from the following tripod: “WHAT?”, “FOR WHOM?” and WHEN?".

In “WHAT?”, you can include videos, photos, texts, documents and even music.

In “TO WHOM?”, you can choose one or several people as recipients of messages.

In “WHEN?”, you define whether you want to send each message now, at a date in the future or even after your death.

These are messages that you can put together in life to surprise a loved one, or even as a way to apologize. We understand that it is often difficult to apologize face to face, and the Message in Life can help with that. We believe that excuses heal hurts, and without hurts we live happier and longer.

In addition, we created new types of messages to enable the use of the platform at all stages of life, whether motivated by affection, or by the whishes expressed by the subscriber, which will serve as a guide for the family.

We take this opportunity to communicate that we started our first social partnerships with a focus on supporting institutions that care for the elderly, including also the LGBTQIA+ elderly, as we want to help these groups in building their legacy and organizing their succession planning. Our first partners are Instituto Velho Amigo and the NGO EternamenteSOU, and for every five plans activated on our platform, we will donate one to partner entities.

We would like to thank you who trusted and supported us until this moment and say that we are available to clarify any doubts and to listen to criticisms and suggestions that help us to continue evolving.

Welcome to Misyu.

Mario Cassio Mauricio

Founder and CEO